Talented Norwegians vs Europe


The Lommedalen Golf Course

The European FootGolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) has two stages at the same time this weekend, one in France, and one in Norway. The Scandinavian cup is unique, It is not usual to find a golf course in a capital city. There will be two different courses to play on Saturday and on Sunday.

“I have jetlag, and I am not happy with my performance in the last week. But we can learn a lot from that professional organization” – said Lasse Eriksen, the president of the Norwegian federation, who attended the US Pro-Am Tour 2015 East Coast Series.

From Friday to Sunday Oslo will host great footgolfers from Europe. The president added, the cup is going to be placed on two different courses. “Lommedalen and Nordhaug golf courses will be the home of FootGolf for this weekend. We have great facilities, that’s why we are sharing the tournament between the two courses. I think, it will bring fresh air for the sport, because it has never done before. The location is ideal, because it is twenty minutes far from the city. It has a nice landscape among the mountains and hills. Every hole’s positions are different and exciting.”

Lasse Eriksen admitted, it is not easy to invite the players to Norway for this weekend. “There is the French stage also, and they have better weather conditions. It is spring here now. It can be 20-25 degrees, but it is possible to have 10-15 degrees this weekend. Also it is not as expensive as the biggest capital cities in the world.”

The Norwegian president talked about their National Team. “It is an important weekend for us. This cup is qualifying for the World Cup. We have talented young players, who have come to the courses, and have beaten us, so I hope, we can achieve great results in Oslo. The registration is not closed yet, but there will be about 60-70 players from countries like Italy, UK, Spain, Holland, Switzerland and Hungary.”

European FootGolf Trophy Tour 2015
29th–31th May – Lommedalen and Nordhaug golf courses, Norway
29th–31th May – Golf Parc Robert Hersant, France

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