Fantastic memories from 2015 – Espen Enevold

Espen EnevoldThe Norwegian open was held on two different courses last year (it will be the same in 2016). Espen Enevold had a great weekend, showing the Norwegians strength by winning the two-day event.

espen enevold world cup

“I remember the beautiful courses and the smooth organization of the tournament.” – he looked back.

“There were very difficult conditions due to heavy rain on day one, but thanks to the true footgolf spirit, everybody had a blast. Winning a tournament was a fantastic feeling, and even better, when so many international players showed up.”

His tactic was to take the risk on Saturday and start the second day as a leader. It seems it works. He will participate in this year’s Norwegian Open of course and travel to Ireland, Great Britain, Holland and Hungary during the season.

Refresh your memory: results of the Norwegian Open from 2015

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