The sunny Norwegian open is fast approaching!

Two beautiful courses in Norway await the best players. The third stage of the Tour is going to be on this weekend.

espen enevold norway

Lasse Eriksen

Lasse Eriksen

espen enevold world cupAfter Jim Kuipers’ and Karl May’s wins in Turkey and in Ireland, there is plenty of time to catch them. The next opportunity is this weekend in Norway. Lasse Eriksen, president of the Norwegian association, has told us they expect approximately sixty players from ten countries.

“As we see the weather forecast, it will be much better than the rainy one last year. This weekend seems to be sunny, and the temperature is going to be around 20 degrees.”

The two different golf courses, the Lommedalen and the Nordhaug will be the homes of the stage of the Tour again. Friday is for practice, while the footgolfers play 18 holes each day, once on the Lommedalen, once on the Nordhaug course.

“We made some adjustments since 2015, and I hope, a Norwegian will win again, we have 5-6 talents, I believe in them so much.”

The EFT wishes all competitors the best of luck in what is sure to be a great contest between Europe’s elite and Norway’s finest.

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