No one can beat him in Norway?

Espen Enevold is the winner of the Norway stage of the Tour. That was the headline in 2015, and nothing has changed. He did the same this in 2016. He is the first man, who has retained his title in the same country.

Was it easier for you to play in homeland?
I did not have the chance to play on the Lommedalen course on Friday unfortunately but I played it back in March. A lot of the tees had been moved so it was quite challenging to play on a “new” course. I have not played on the Toppgolf course since Norwegian Open in 2015.

Was it harder or easier not playing in the final flight thanks to your 7th position on Saturday?
I would love to play in the final flight as I believe it is easier to be among them than chasing the scores. The final flight caught us after nine holes, so we had a short status update with them. I was two shots behind the leaders, so I knew it was possible to catch them on the last nine.

Which was the point, did you realise you could defend your title?
The moment I thought I could win was when I finished hole 16, a very tricky one on 3 shots and I heard rumours from spectators that the final flight were in trouble.

What are the feelings being the first player who has achieved this kind of double?
I am very proud to have retained my first place in Norway, especially with such a strong field of players. Extremely satisfied with my play over the two days with the exception of hole 17 on day one, it was a quadruple bogey and hole 7 on day two, making it 5 over par.

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