The World Champion is on Tour

The Capital Cup in Holland will be one of the strongest, and surely the longest stage of this 2016’s championship. Beside the fantastic players, there will be Christian Otero, this year’s individual World Champion.

Has your life changed since you won the World Cup?
Winning the World Cup did not make any difference in my life. I keep being the same, working at the same place and hoping that our sport can make the big change that is needed so we can turn ourselves into professional players.

Have you played since the World Cup?
The Capital Cup is going to be my first international competition. In terms of domestic league, I played the Republic Cup which I won. I had a muscle injury that took me more than two months to recover. I believe I´m fine now, but I have not been able to play a round of footgolf in the last two months. So my first training would be at Holland.

Can the Europeans see you again on the Tour later?
I will try to attend to other EFT stages. I would love to be in other countries. I will decide later on depending my working schedule.

Capital Cup starts with practice day on Thursday

EFT-standings after three rounds

World Cup 2016 results

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