The French team has arrived

Thanks to Alexandre Richer and Antonio Balestra’s great performances during the last seven stages of the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, France has climbed to fourth place of the team competition. Balestra was the best in Belgium and showed that he could manage the pressure on his shoulders. 

wetzel,balestra,aertsWas it a hard course? As we saw, there were very few under par results.
The course was not so complicated, but the distances were quite long, so you had no place for mistakes, and my long kicks helped my game.

How were you on the top after the first day, what was your tactic?
I didn’t think that I would be on top of the ranking at the end of the first day as I did some mistakes, especially on one or two holes. When I realized I was the leader, I had to play with the same strategy on the second day and just try to avoid the mistakes, as I did the day before.

Was it easier to play in the final flight with your lead?
I had a bit of pressure on the first holes as my opponents were only two shots behind me. Pressure began to fall at hole 9 as I was -4 with five shots lead. But I made a terrible mistake on hole 11 with a triple bogey. My opponents came back to one shot but on hole 17 I won a two-kick lead, and I ultimately kept this advantage.

Can we say, that the Belgian Open was your best weekend ever in your career?
Yes, it was a special one for me. After Switzerland, my family was there to support me. It’s even my family who helped me to come to that event.

Which stages will you attend during the next months?
My next stage will be in Orlando this week. Our federation offered Alexandre Richer and I to compete there thanks to our good results. I really hope we can make a good result there as France deserve to climb on the podium. We only played six stages so far with French players and we won three times in that period. I am also delighted to be able to compete for the national title in December in Marrakech against Alex and my friend, Nicolas Cousin, where all the French team is going to be there with the best players from the world.



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