Kick-off from the roof

Those who were there will never forget the moment of the first kick of the Irish Open. Every player started the game from the roof of the clubhouse. It will be the same this year in Highfield Golf & Country Club on the outskirts of Dublin.

The second stage of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour will be in Ireland from 12th May to 14th May. The 2-day long Footgolf Irish Open (Friday is the practice day) will be an FIFG 500-point and EFT 250-point tournament. A few changes have made since last year.

Irish Open in 2016

“This year we will make a few tweaks to the course, but overall the course design will remain much the same. We are working on the holes that were the easiest last year, but also the holes that were the hardest, and tweaking them accordingly, focusing on players’ technical ability, as opposed to players with the biggest kicks. We will have live scoring for the first time also, which is an important step, as well as a dedicated tournament director.” said Ronan Cunningham, organiser of the Irish stage.

Those wanting to register can choose from different categories for different entry fees and prizes.

“Last year I believe the Irish Open was one of the best on the European Footgolf Tour. We had amazing weather, great hosts at Highfield Golf & Country Club, a memorable first tee off from the roof of the clubhouse, a brilliant course and an epic battle for the title, but most importantly, we had an incredible group of talented, competitive and truly wonderful players that made the Irish Open a special place to be. We look forward to more of the same again this year.”






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