The new number 1 will travel more

Björn Bulk is the leader of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour after collecting two podium medals in the last two stages. After finishing second in Spain, he lost the playoff against Paul Oliver in Ireland last week and finished third. The Dutchman now has to reconsider his schedule for this year.

Did you imagine a start like this to the season or are you a bit angry because you were only one shot away from first position?

I am very happy with that of course and I am not disappointed, because to be first you need a perfect day. I think Cathal Jenkinson had that perfect day on Sunday so he deserved it.

You had a chance for silver in the playoff.

It is bad to lose in a playoff, but that’s the sport. The organisation was perfect and the course was amazing so all credit to my Irish friends!

You said earlier, you wanted to attend stages in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Has that changed due to the fact you are Tour-leader?

I want to visit more stages and I think I have to change my footgolf calendar.



(photo: Andy McDonnell)

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