The Tour comes to Slovenia for the first time

Players from 14 countries have already registered for the historical Slovenian Open. This weekend is a milestone for the South-European country. It will be their biggest international event ever.

Every footgolfer has the chance to register for the fifth stage of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour this coming weekend. You can get to Bovec from Ljubljana and Venice airports. where the two day-long (Friday is the practice day) Slovenian Open will be held.

The course of Golf Club Bovec is situated under the Mount Kanin and the famous Soča river where parts of Disney’s epic The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. The course is 3012-metre long and boasts breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and a beautiful location surrounded by pristine nature.

“It will be a very challenging, long and technical course. The course record is only 1 under par (-1). I think, Marco Carvezan, Bjorn Bulk, Matija Brodnjak, Matias Perrone or Denis Mlekuž can be named as favourites. More than 70 players have already registered from 14 countries, but registration is still open until 18.30, Friday.” said Aleks Kravanja, the tournament organiser.

The weather forecast predicts a nice weekend, and besides footgolf there are plenty of other activities, Bovec is the outdoor paradise of Europe.




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