The football coach wins Silver in the Alps

Fred Crevon finished second in the Swiss Open last weekend. The Frenchman is thankful for Vincent Huber’s family and the whole French team who helped him during the best performance of his footgolf career.

This is your highest finish in an international tournament, am I right?
Yes it’s the best result of my footgolf career. I´m very happy to have played at this level over 45 holes.

What should we know about the Silver medallist of the Swiss Open?
I’m 41 years old and a football trainer in the sixth division in France. I started playing footgolf just last spring.

How did you attain your great score?
The secret of my performance this week was on one hand the help and hospitality of Vincent Huber’s family. On the other, it was the French team who helped me a lot. The presence of Alex Richer on the last 27 holes and my other French teammates on the last 9 holes gave me a fantastic feeling. These good vibrations and a little luck helped me to this success.

Is this a boost for you for the rest of the season?
I hope that this second place will give me confidence for the next stages of the French season.

And for the next EFT events?
No, I think that was the last European tournament of the year for me because of the football season.



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