Bronze from the deep

Although kicked two out of bounds, visited the forest and the water hazards on the first day, Espen Enevold reached the podium with a great spurt in the ninth stage of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour in the Czech Republic.

Espen Enevold (on the right) is the player who is unbeatable in his home. He is the winner of the Norwegian stages of the Tour since 2015. Last weekend he was so close (only 2 kicks) from the winner Martin Simoncic in the Czech Republic.

“On my first day I was everywhere. I kicked out of bounce twice, my ball was in the water hazards and in the woods also. It was a big roller coaster.” – looked back his bad start. On Sunday he started with a hole in one on the second hole.

“That was the point, I started believing the medal. I was playing exceptional until the last four holes, where I missed easy putts on each of them.”
Espen Enevold finished his Tour campaign with a first place in Norway and a third in the Czech Republic on his two tournaments. He is not participating in Hungary and in Portugal. His plan is to travel more in 2018.



(Photo: Footgolf Senec)

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