Quintarelli: I dreamed a dream

Martina Quintarelli has been played six stages of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour so far, and won all of them. The leader of the ladies category is working on her dreams.

The Italian lady has started her EFT season with a gold in Spain followed by a first position in Ireland, Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

“I have been started to play footgolf three years ago, but I have been playing football since I was six years old.” said about her football and footgolf career Martina Quintarelli.

She is totally unbeaten in the EFT season among the ladies. She won the Spanish, Irish, Italian, German and Swiss open also. She has no more golds from Europe, but it is just because she has not appeared on other stages.

“I enjoyed all of the tournaments in the EFT, I admit, my favorite one was the Austrian Open.”

The big question is that if she can continue her row.

“I hope I will win in Portugal, I think that is a beautiful course!”

Everybody knows, footgolf is a new sport, but with a lot of possibilities.

“For now this is a dream to be a professional, but I’m working on it. Footgolf must become more famous.”


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