Can Lionel be the best again?

Lionel Jacot was the winner of the 2015 European Footgolf Tour. He had to miss a lot of tournaments due to his injury. After a long recovery, he won the Swiss Championships this year and won the Traditional Footgolf Cup, the latest stage of the 2017 EFT. He is coming to Portugal being sixth on the EFT ranking list.

“When you are playing well, reaching several top 10s in a row, it is rewarding, and means  top 5 places even more. Now, I am achieving podiums and golds. That’s a huge confidence boost. I wish it happened sooner this year.” – said Lionel Jacot, who has the chance to catch Michael Wilkes, the leader at the Grand Final and be the best in Europe again.

Lionel Jacot won the Hungarian stage in October

The Swiss footgolfer thinks, footgolf has at least 70% mental part, so confidence helps anybody to play his best. He was just watching footgolf due to his injury, but coming back stronger than before.(?)

“I can’t judge it by myself. I used that time to read about the psychological part of the game.I just feel more experienced and calm than before. I’m reading about golf psychology now and trying to focus only on what I can control, not to lose my mind during both best and worst moments. After the recovery I trained rigorously to avoid any relapse and started playing carefully with no expectations except looking for the feeling. I’ve had unexpected good results not too long after my comeback. Unfortunately, many mistakes made me miss big buzzing results until the last couple of months.”

He wants to enjoy the game on the Grand Final.

“I am also impatient to discover the new course in Portugal. I have no doubts it will be a well-designed one. On a three-round tournament everything can happen, it is always so exciting.”



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