Jim Kuipers’ mom helped Wesley to reach the podium

Wesley van den Broek has been playing footgolf since the end of 2015, and now, he is one of the medalists of the Grand Final organized last weekend in Portugal. He wants to play more EFT events next year to reach a higher position.

“I am very satisfied with my third place at the Grand Final. It is my first podium on an EFT event since I have started to play footgolf at the end of 2015.” summarized Wesley van den Broek the weekend, where he had a fight for the bronze with a lot of players.

“I played with Sam van Bracht and Maikel Alverez in my flight on the final day and it was so close among us, but did not know the results from other flights.”

Van Bracht finished 6th and Alvarez 7th.

“Maikel made a mistake on hole 11, what I finished on par. That was the hole, where I felt, I could reach the podium. I had a great row from hole 15 with birdie, eagle and eagle, which meant the third place for me.”

Gubani, Parkinson and van den Broek

Gubani, Parkinson and van den Broek

He said, he and his partners in the flight were calm during the final not feeling so much pressure.

“I had a great weekend with my friends. It was nice to see Ben Clarke’s and my roommate, Michael Wilkes’ win in their categories. And I am thankful to Jim Kuipers’ mom! I was a little injured on my toe two days before the tournament. She helped me to play without pain. Thanks, Wendy!”

The Dutchman played two tournaments during the season, and it was enough to finished on the 29th place.

“I am not satisfied with my 29th position, but for me it is not possible to play on every stages. I have a lovely wife and two beautiful kids. I have to make decisions which tournaments I can play or not. Next year I hope it is possible to play more events.”



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