Juraj Gubani never dreamed about the silver

  • Gubani, Parkinson and van den Broek

The EFT season has ended in Portugal last weekend. Juraj Gubani (on the left) was so close to catch Jason Parkinson, winner of the Grand Final. As he said, he had the chance twice to beat him on Sunday, but the British could not be catched. The Slovak footgolfer finished seventh in the absolute category.

You said right after the Grand Final, you have never dreamed about this kind of performance. Why?

Because there were the the best players of the world. And looking behind me finished the world tour number one and later, the winner of 2017 EFT, Ben Clarke and two of the previous champions of the Tour, Lionel Jacot and Jim Kuipers. And it would be a long list to talk about the others. Everybody can see, how strong was the final.

In that case, how could you be the second?

The key was the great atmosphere on the tournament. I would like to say a big thank you to Footgolf Hungary and Hinora Marketing Group for the support, because the prize of winning the International Winter Footgolf Tour 2016/2017 was the chance to be in Portugal. On the other hand, two weeks before the Grand Final, I was not sure, if I could play, because of my leg injury, but everything went smoothly and I have only made four boogies all the weekend.

Have you tried to catch the leader, Jason Parkinson?

I had a chance after hole 5, where I was two kicks behind him, but he made an eagle on the 9th, while I had a birdie. I had another chance, but I missed my putt for an eagle and both of us made on par there finally. Then he had the game under control and won it. He was on a fire. Congrats to him, it was a pleasure to play with Jason on two days.

Are you satisfied with your first EFT podium ever and the seventh place after a long season?

I am very happy and I hope this result will help grow footgolf in Slovakia. My dream was finishing in top 100 in world tour and in first 50 in EFT. Now I am 40th in the WT and I finished 7th in EFT. It is amazing for me. It was the best year in my career. Thanks to EFT board and staff and to all players all around the world for this great season. It was a fantastic experience to meet great people on amazing tournaments. Good luck to everybody and see you on the course in 2018!



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