The one to watch out

Jason Parkinson has only appeared on three EFT events, but was so close to the absolute podium, finishing fourth at the end of the season. He finished 5th in Ireland and won the Italian Open and the Grand Final.

Do you think could it be better than -39 score on the three days of the Grand Final?
-39 is a big score. It can be beaten next time, but it will be difficult.

You said before, it was not a high level, where you were at the time of winning in Italy. What do you think now about your level?
I am up there with all the big players but for me it is how you play on the day and how you cope with the conditions that will determine if you get a good score. I would say I’m one to watch out for. Sensible play is always rewarded.

Jason Parkinson won two EFT stages in 2017

Are you satisfied with the overall EFT performance or a bit disappointed not to participate on more tournaments?
I am satisfied with my performances over the three events I played, I only wish I had the time and money to have played them all.

The scenario was the same like in Italy, leading from the first day and winning the tournament. Have you been thinking about the same plan before Saturday?
The Grand Final for me was very good, I mainly went to get away from the UK and soaked up some sun. There’s nothing better in this world than playing footgolf on a very nice, challenging course that was maintained very well. I was very pleased thanks to leading after the first day, but I never take anything for granted as anything can happen on any hole. I must thank all of the people that were in my groups for each day I played. Then came day two, which I could only describe as the most perfect footgolf weather you could ask for and I played the best footgolf I’ve ever played that day shooting -17. It didn’t matter where I put the ball as soon as I stepped up the ball I felt confident and could visualise the ball going in before I even kicked it. Then on to the third day even though I had a five shot lead I knew it wasn’t over and it got really interesting when it only went down to a two shot lead at one point. I never panicked, I just carried on playing and enjoying my game. I don’t think anything will ever live up to winning the major in Italy but we shall see what the future brings.



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