Back to Marrakesh!

The French Association of FootGolf (AFFG) and the Moroccan FootGolf Association (AFGM) won the bid to organize and host the 3rd edition of the FIFG World Cup. FootGolf’s most prestigious competition will take place in Marrakech on the Al Maaden Golf Resort, from 9-16 of December 2018.

Do you remember, when Jim Kuipers was crowned as the best player of the world winning the 2016 European Footgolf Tour?

The best players of the world go back to Morocco in 2018 to participate on the third World Cup.

Following the FIFG call for applications at the beginning of October, two applicants positioned themselves to become host countries and to organize the main competition in 2018. Previous host were Argentina in 2016 and Hungary in 2012.  Italy (AIFG), and the join candidacy of France (AFFG) and (Morocco) AFGM, both submitted proposals between November 10th and 13th. After a vote of the 31 FIFG Member Countries, the France/Morocco project won with over 64% of the votes.

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