Neighbour trophy in the heart of Europe

Including four FIFG 500 tournaments, a middle-European trophy called the European Neighbour Trophy with four stages has established including the Czech, the Slovakian, the Hungarian and the Austrian World Tour events this May.

The best players of men, women and senior category will be awarded after the performances of the Central Cup in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Footgolf Open, the Traditional Footgolf Cup in Hungary and the Austrian Footgolf Open in the busy schedule of May. The highest ranking players collected the most points in the World Ranking in these four events in the three categories will be the winner of the European Neighbour Trophy. The winners gets the prizes at the Austrian Footgolf Open on 27th May.

„It is important to support each other in the middle of Europe and motivate the players coming from across the ocean to compete in a series like this, where you have to be in top form for more than three weeks.” – said Gábor Gelencsér, president of the Hungarian Footgolf Federation.

„This trophy or let’s even say initiative, shows the footgolf community and whole world how strong these countries working together and supporting each other in order to achieve the same goal for this sport. Additional and very important is the fact to support and attract the players as Gábor clearly pointed out.” added Patrick Gauder, president of the Österreichischer FootGolf Bund.

„We need to support each other to show to other countries how strong we are together. Also when we can arrange something like this trophy, it could impact players from outside of Europe to come for our tournaments. Ever extra movements excluding playing footgolf help growing our sport.” underlined the importance of the help Jaroslav Snajdar, president of the Slovak federation.

„The trophy points to cooperation among well-organized tournaments in Europe and gives players extra motivation to follow their dreams. Close cooperation among countries helps players outside of Europe to travel safe and easily from one tournament to another with full hospitality from all organizers.” described the halping factor of the new trophy Jakub Mares, president of the Footgolf Czech Republic.

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