Balestra’s narrow win can help him later

Antoni Balestra have won the UK Open at Magnolia Park in England last weekend. The Frenchman is focusing now on the biggest tournament coming at the end of the year to be crowned individually and with his team also.

How hard was the course and the tournament?

I think the course was nearly perfect, the only problem was the wind, but it is always in the UK. I was really happy at the end, because the battle against Simon Wetzel and Marc Cowell during the round 2 and 3 was very tight. Up to the last putt nobody knew who was going to win.

Is it a good sign or a boost four months before the World Cup to win a Grand Slam event?

Of course a victory is always good mentally, but I think it’s not a boost, because nobody needs a boost to play in the World Cup. My only goal this year is the World Cup with the French team and individually

Have you got a plan for the next period?

I have no schedule for footgolf until the World Cup in December, everything depends on my physical form and my desire to play.

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