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The Grand Slam arrives to England

The UK Open, will return to Magnolia Park near to Oxford for the second time to stage the FIFG 500, European Footgolf Grand Slam tournament this weekend with brand new holes and tee positions. More

Clarke: Hopefully, this the year!

Ben Clarke have won the latest European Footgolf Grand Slam in Switzerland. After finishing first second time in a row, he is so close to finally take home the golden tree, the unique award of The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Open. More

Classic performance from Clarke

The British Ben Clarke has won the The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Trophy, part of the grand slam series last weekend. He was third after the first day and won the tournament with a four-kick lead at the end. Van Eekeres was the king of seniors and Laura Rolli the queen of the ladies. More

A real Classic in the Alps

The 2018 Swiss Footgolf Trophy will be in Golfparc Signal de Bougy this weekend. The FIFG 500-tournament is part of the European Footgolf Grand Slam. Ten of the top 20 in the world ranking is going to compete in Switzerland. More

Confidence, form and luck

Jamie Cullum has won two majors in a row. After winning the French Open, the British doubled his major gold medals finishing first in Italy last weekend. He told us the secret of the formula needed to perform on high level consistently. More

Cullum’s double, Brown’s treble

After winning the French Open in June, the British Jamie Cullum has won another major and grand slam, now in Italy. His countrywoman, Sophie Brown is now performing on the highest level winning all the three majors in the Netherlands, France and Italy also. More

The 6th Italian Open is the next major

The 6th Italian FootGolf Open is the next major in the World Tour and the next Grand Slam in Europe. More than 200 players are going to start the tournament on Friday. The Asolo Golf Club in North Italy is the home of the next FIFG 1.000 tournament from 5-8 July, where the cash prize is up to € 20.000. After the training session tomorrow, there ... More

Jamie Cullum, the hunter

After finishing always in the top 6 in the majors in 2017, Jamie Cullum has collected his first gold medal in an FIFG 1000 tournament. After winning the French Open last weekend, he is focusing on the Italian major and believes, he and the UK Team can win the World Cup in December. More

Jamie Cullum won the French Grand Slam stage

France was hosting the second European major last weekend. After three days, Jamie Cullum was the happiest man winning the third stage of the European Footgolf Grand Slam. More

Thijs and his goosebumps

Thijs van Rookhuizen was second after the first and second day of the Capital Cup also, but could manage to win the first European major of the year, the second European Footgolf Grand Slam. The Dutch player knew, that his last putt was perfect. More