The one to watch out

Jason Parkinson has only appeared on three EFT events, but was so close to the absolute podium, finishing fourth at the end of the season. He finished 5th in Ireland and won the Italian Open and the Grand Final. More

Gubani, Parkinson and van den Broek

Juraj Gubani never dreamed about the silver

The EFT season has ended in Portugal last weekend. Juraj Gubani (SVK) was so close to catch Jason Parkinson, winner of the Grand Final. As he said, he had the chance twice to beat him on Sunday, but the British could not be catched. The Slovak footgolfer finished seventh in the absolute category. More

Jim Kuipers’ mom helped Wesley to reach the podium

Wesley van den Broek has been playing footgolf since the end of 2016, and now, he is one of the medalists of the Grand Final organized last weekend in Portugal. He wants to play more EFT events next year to reach a higher position. More

Ben Clarke, winner of the 2017 EFT

Parkinson show in Portugal, Ben Clarke is the European champion

Jason Parkinson won the Grand Final of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour in Portugal with an amazing -39 score. He was leading from the first minute and collected the 300 points. Only Juraj Gubani had the chance to catch him, finally finished second  three kicks behind Parkinson. The winner of the season is Ben Clarke! More

Wilkes does not feel the pressure

On his six appearances during the 2017 European Footgolf Tour, Michael Wilkes finished first twice and was in the top 10 three times, which means, he is the leader before the last stage. He is trying to get the feeling of the Grand Final to be the European champion. More

Can Lionel be the best again?

Lionel Jacot was the winner of the 2015 European Footgolf Tour. He had to miss a lot of tournaments due to his injury. After a long recovery, he won the Swiss Championships this year and won the Traditional Footgolf Cup, the latest stage of the 2017 EFT. He is coming to Portugal being sixth on the EFT ranking list. More

The target is so close

Ben Clarke can be the number one in Europe and in the world also being in a promising position on the world ranking list (1st) and at the 2017 European Footgolf Tour (4th) so close to the end of the season. After winning the Major in Japan, he is coming to Portugal in good form. More

Quintarelli: I dreamed a dream

Martina Quintarelli has been played six stages of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour so far, and won all of them. The leader of the ladies category is working on her dreams. More

Jacot, the magician

The winner of the 2015 European Footgolf Tour is ready to compete on as high level as he did it before his long injury. After winning the Swiss championship, he won the Hungarian open, the Traditional Footgolf Cup last weekend, which was the 10th stage of the 2017 EFT. More

Tomas Bartko with the first kick in the playoff

Wants to continue, where he finished in Hungary

Tomas Bartko wants to catch Jamie Cullum in the next months to be the first in the World Tour. He became second at the Traditional Footgolf Cup in Hungary on the 10th stage of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour last weekend. He likes to visit that country, but not just because of his good results in the past. More