Nico Garcia, winner of the 2018 Grand Slam

A South American is the best in Europe

The Grand Final of the first edition of the European Footgolf Grand Slam was held in Castro Marim Golf & Country Club near Faro, Portugal. After three days, the Argentin Nicolas Garcia was the happiest man among the competitors winning the tournament and the Grand Slam also. Robert Tajtyi won the senior, while Susanne ... More

The Grand Final countdown in Portugal

The Grand Final of the 2018 European FootGolf Grand Slam will take place between the 18th and 21st of October in Castro Marim Golf & Country Club, Algarve, Portugal. Before the last tournament, Michael Wilkes is the leader of the EFT. The Grand Final takes place this week at Castro Marim Golf & Country ... More

Balestra’s narrow win can help him later

Antoni Balestra have won the UK Open at Magnolia Park in England last weekend. The Frenchman is focusing now on the biggest tournament coming at the end of the year to be crowned individually and with his team. More

French winner in England

The latest grand slam event was held in England near Oxford. More than one hundred players have been played three rounds at Magnolia Park in the UK Open, where Antonio Balestra was the best. The Frenchman won by only one kick. More

The Grand Slam arrives to England

The UK Open, will return to Magnolia Park near to Oxford for the second time to stage the FIFG 500, European Footgolf Grand Slam tournament this weekend with brand new holes and tee positions. More

Clarke: Hopefully, this the year!

Ben Clarke have won the latest European Footgolf Grand Slam in Switzerland. After finishing first second time in a row, he is so close to finally take home the golden tree, the unique award of The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Open. More

Ben Clarke, winner of The Classic

Classic performance from Clarke

The British Ben Clarke has won the The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Trophy, part of the grand slam series last weekend. He was third after the first day and won the tournament with a four-kick lead at the end. Van Eekeres was the king of seniors and Laura Rolli the queen of the ladies. More

A real Classic in the Alps

The 2018 Swiss Footgolf Trophy will be in Golfparc Signal de Bougy this weekend. The FIFG 500-tournament is part of the European Footgolf Grand Slam. Ten of the top 20 in the world ranking is going to compete in Switzerland. More

Confidence, form and luck

Jamie Cullum has won two majors in a row. After winning the French Open, the British doubled his major gold medals finishing first in Italy last weekend. He told us the secret of the formula needed to perform on high level consistently. More

Italian Open podium

Cullum’s double, Brown’s treble

After winning the French Open in June, the British Jamie Cullum has won another major and grand slam, now in Italy. His countrywoman, Sophie Brown is now performing on the highest level winning all the three majors in the Netherlands, France and Italy also. More