Mark Woodward won the first round

An American is the winner of the first stage of the European Footgolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) 2015. In Spain, Mark Woodward (American FootGolf League - United States) and Julian Kelkel (German FootGolf League - Germany) finished with the same result after two days. After the draw, the American won the playoff at the last hole. Switzerland was the best nation. More

Fantastic start in Marbella

Beautiful weather welcomed the 87 players in Spain, at the opening stage of European Footgolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) 2015. After Saturday’s results, there will be an exciting ending tomorrow. More

A new star was born?

The last stage of the European Footgolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) 2014 was Sam van Bracht’s first international competition. After this year’s opening tournament’s first day he has a chance to win in Spain as you see after Saturday’s results. We asked him about this promising start. More

The three musketeers

The European Footgolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) is starting on this weekend in Marbella, Spain. asked the same from the last time champion, David Mancino (Switzerland, won the team competition as well with his country), the second placed Simon Wetzel (Holland) and bronze medalist, Béla Lengyel (Hungary). More

Marbella is ready!

The opening of the European FootGolf Trophy Tour 2015, held over the 6th to the 8th of March in Marbella, will see players competing on a brand new course. More

Babel: ‘When you see tears and smiles on every faces, you know that you got it!’

We asked the Swiss president, Julien Babel, the co-organizers of the European Footgolf Trophy Tour (EFTT), what should we expect from this year’s tournament. In May there will be two rounds in one time, and in June there will be games in all of the weekends More

Caricato, the happy Italian

Marco Caricato feels, he had to be kick better to finish in top three. He was in the last flight on Sunday in Kisoroszi in the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup, but he finished 5th at the end. More

Under pressure

This short article is not about the famous Freddie Mercury-David Bowie duet. Christophe Beaten finished third in the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup in Kisoroszi. He had a chance to win the tournament before the last hole. Unluckily, he made a lot of mistakes, and finally grabbed the third place. More

The winner kept his nerves

David Mancino won the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup. More

David Mancino won the II. International Hungarian Footgolf Cup

After a very entertaining ending, David Mancino from Switzerland was the best in Kisoroszi, at the course of Hungarian Golf Club. The fresh Hungarian national champion, Béla Lengyel finished in the second position, while Cristophe Beaten was the third. More