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Clarke: Hopefully, this the year!

Ben Clarke have won the latest European Footgolf Grand Slam in Switzerland. After finishing first second time in a row, he is so close to finally take home the golden tree, the unique award of The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Open. More

Classic performance from Clarke

The British Ben Clarke has won the The Classic, the Swiss Footgolf Trophy, part of the grand slam series last weekend. He was third after the first day and won the tournament with a four-kick lead at the end. Van Eekeres was the king of seniors and Laura Rolli the queen of the ladies. More

Parkinson show in Portugal, Ben Clarke is the European champion

Jason Parkinson won the Grand Final of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour in Portugal with an amazing -39 score. He was leading from the first minute and collected the 300 points. Only Juraj Gubani had the chance to catch him, finally finished second  three kicks behind Parkinson. The winner of the season is Ben Clarke! More

The target is so close

Ben Clarke can be the number one in Europe and in the world also being in a promising position on the world ranking list (1st) and at the 2017 European Footgolf Tour (4th) so close to the end of the season. After winning the Major in Japan, he is coming to Portugal in good form. More

Clarke summons his 2015’s form

Ben Clarke is the third in the 2017 European Footgolf Tour’s overall ranking. He is happy, how he is playing, which gave him a silver in Germany and a gold in Switzerland last week. He is preparing for the Grand Final. More

Clarke becomes King of the Alps

The Brit Ben Clarke collected two EFT medals within a week after finishing second in Germany on Wednesday (losing only in the playoff) and finishing victorious in Switzerland on Sunday. Fred Crevon from France was second while Simon Wetzel came third. More

Clarke resisted the temptation of risk

Started with a -1 on his first round,, but collected -30 on the next 54 holes and caught the leader Michael Wilkes. Ben Clarke finished second finally, making only a small mistake at the start of the playoff, but he has his new target: Switzerland. More

Another playoff victory from Wilkes

Michael Wilkes won his second EFT tournament after a playoff victory against Ben Clarke. The footgolfers played four times on the course within 48 hours and 27 of them finished under par. More

A strange course, the mental challenge and the podium

Ben Clarke finished second on the latest stage of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour. He visited Norway for the first time, and came to realise, on the brand new footgolf course at Krokhol Golf Club, that it was not so easy to play par. More

Enevold is the king of Scandinavia

If we say, Tomas Bartko is the king of Central Europe, it is unquestionable, that Espen Enevold is the king of Scandinavia. Now he is the first man in the history of EFT, who has defended his title twice. He won the Norwegian Open in 2015, 2016 and 2017 also. More