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Jamie Cullum, the hunter

After finishing always in the top 6 in the majors in 2017, Jamie Cullum has collected his first gold medal in an FIFG 1000 tournament. After winning the French Open last weekend, he is focusing on the Italian major and believes, he and the UK Team can win the World Cup in December. More

Jamie Cullum won the French Grand Slam stage

France was hosting the second European major last weekend. After three days, Jamie Cullum was the happiest man winning the third stage of the European Footgolf Grand Slam. More

Three magical moments and a new life

Before the start of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour, we asked stage-winners to look back at the “old days”. How do they remember their glorious moments? Alexandre Richer won the stages in France, Switzerland and the United States last year making him second overall. This year’s focus is on family and the Majors. More

One hand on the title?

With just four stages left on the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, with his playoff victory against Angel Reyes in the United States, Alexandre Richer is so close to winning this year’s competition. His lead is more than 200 points after collecting three winner’s medals and one silver medal. More

The French team has arrived

Thanks to Alexandre Richer and Antonio Balestra’s great performances during the last seven stages of the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, France has climbed to fourth place of the team competition. Balestra was the best in Belgium and showed that he could manage the pressure on his shoulders. More

Khatib’s secret: Always just focus on the next shot!

After two long and tiring days, playing 54 holes, two members of the US team, Sharif Khatib and Arturo Barragan had to play off to decide who took 3rd place in the French Open. Khatib won the playoff, climbing to the 4th place of the European Footgolf Tour’s ranking. More

The best start from Richer

What was your knowledge of the two courses of the French Open? It was an advantage to play in France, because I had my friends, my family here and all the French who supported me. I did not know the golf courses, because I did not play last year there. I have just tried one course on the practice day as the other players. Finishing among the best 20 ... More

The homeland again…

After this year’s Tour had a Norwegian winner in Norway and a Dutch in Holland, France is the third consecutive country, where the gold medallist was won by the host nation. Alexandre Richer was the best after two days and three rounds in the French Open. More

French Open

Footgolf French Open Tournament organiser : Footgolf France (AFFG) Tournament website: footgolf-frenchopen.com Facebook page of organiser: facebook.com/FranceFootgolf Facebook event link: facebook.com/events/1673677456253169/ Information : footgolf-frenchopen.com/ Registration : footgolf-france.fr/competitions Registration fee: €200 ... More

Watch the match, and play on The Platini and The Woods courses

France is going to be the centre of everything for a month. The EURO 2016 takes place in the country, while the biggest footgolf tournament’s takes centre stage there as well. Michel Platini and Tiger Woods are waiting for the best footgolfers of the world. More