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Enevold again!

The first man who has defended his title on a Tour stage, is Norway's Espen Enevold. He won the Norwegian open last year and on Sunday he helped onto his crown. More

Norwegian Open

Norwegian Open Tournament organiser: NFGA Tournament website: footgolfnorway.com Facebook page of organiser: https://www.facebook.com/Fotballgolf-Norge-370051546478178/ Registration: www.facebook.com/Fotballgolf-Norge-370051546478178/ Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/601085653376036/ Website for registration: http://fotbal... More

The sunny Norwegian open is fast approaching!

Two beautiful courses in Norway await the best players. The third stage of the Tour is going to be on this weekend. More

Fantastic memories from 2015 – Espen Enevold

“I remember the beautiful courses and the smooth organization of the tournament.” – he looked back. “There were very difficult conditions due to heavy rain on day one, but thanks to the true footgolf spirit, everybody had a blast. Winning a tournament was a fantastic feeling, and even better, when so many international players showed up.” ... More

The home team produced great results

The European FootGolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) had two stages organized last weekend, one in France and one in Norway. In Oslo, six Norwegians finished in the top ten, and Espen Enevold won the tournament. More

Talented Norwegians vs Europe

The European FootGolf Trophy Tour (EFTT) has two stages at the same time this weekend, one in France, and one in Norway. The Scandinavian cup is unique, It is not usual to find a golf course in a capital city. There will be two different courses to play on Saturday and on Sunday. More