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Footgolf helps to find friends for life

Before the start of the 2017 European Footgolf Tour, we asked stage-winners to look back at the “old days”. How do they remember their glorious moments? Mark Anthony Woodward will always remember his win in Spain two years ago thanks to the video made there. But one thing is more important for him. More

One hand on the title?

With just four stages left on the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, with his playoff victory against Angel Reyes in the United States, Alexandre Richer is so close to winning this year’s competition. His lead is more than 200 points after collecting three winner’s medals and one silver medal. More

Godfrey satisfied with the US dominance

The team world champion Jordan Godfrey collected a bronze medal on the 12th stage of the 2016 European Footgolf Tour. He was the leader after two long days but unfortunately could only finish third at the US Pro-Am in Orlando. He told us the secret of shooting an amazing minus 10 on the opening day. More

Heavenly debut on the international stage

Angel Reyes was so close to winning the 12th stage of the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, the US Pro-Am, finishing second in his first international tournament. He got help from Rory McIlroy on how to reach the top footgolfers on the last day. More

Alexandre the Great conquers America

The United States welcomed the best players from the world for the very first time in European Footgolf Tour history. The Frenchman Alexandre Richer took a big step to becoming the champion in 2016 after winning the US Pro-Am FootGolf Tour in Orlando after a playoff win against Angel Reyes (USA), while Jordan Godfrey (USA) finished third. More

US Pro-Am Tour

US Pro-Am FootGolf Tour 2016 Tournament organiser: American FootGolf League Tournament website: footgolftour.com Facebook page of organiser: facebook.com/footgolfusa Facebook event link: facebook.com/events/169589956740895/ Website for registration: footgolf.us Registration fee: $495 USD Cash prize structure: Total $25,000 Men Category: 1St  ... More

Coming to America

Almost 150 players have registered for the next stage of the 2016 European Footgolf Tour, which will be a unique one. For the first time, the EFT is travelling across the ocean. Orlando is welcoming the best players from fifteen countries. The new FIFG president, Roberto Balestrini told us more about the connection between the two continents. More

Khatib’s secret: Always just focus on the next shot!

After two long and tiring days, playing 54 holes, two members of the US team, Sharif Khatib and Arturo Barragan had to play off to decide who took 3rd place in the French Open. Khatib won the playoff, climbing to the 4th place of the European Footgolf Tour’s ranking. More

Godfrey among the best in Europe

Team USA came across the Atlantic as the Footgolf World Cup Team Champions, and went back home as the third placed country in the European Footgolf Tour Team rankings after visiting three European stages. Jordan Godfrey finished 6th and 15th place in Norway and Holland respectively and took a 2nd place medal in France. He is now in 4th place in the individual European rankings and can’t wait for the American stage in Orlando in September to compete again. More

Khatib: I could have easily won in Norway

Sharif Khatib was the hero in the World Cup, his final kick meant the United States was the first team world champion. Khatib, Jordan Godfrey and Arturo Barragan travelled across the ocean to compete on the biggest series of the world. All of them debuted strongly finishing in the top 10 and looking to carry this form into the Capital Cup and French ... More